With all of our films and photo productions, ensuring that a professional result tailored for your company is our top priority. We work closely together with you and the relevant departments in order to find the perfect solution for you. Thanks to our extensive experience in the world of photography and film production, we can create your photos and films to represent your company exactly the way you want it to be portrayed. We will always help you to find the right mix of creativity and professionalism when producing your images or films.


  • Roland Michels

    Active for over 10 years as a photographer and videographer for national and international business customers. In addition to advertising photography, reportage and portrait photography, image film has also been my passion for the last two years. My work doesn’t just focus on “big” advertising films; rather it also encompasses films that you can watch on the Internet and which will portray your company in an appealing way. My experience of image films includes creating films to present your company; explanatory films that provide information and explain what specific products do or how processes work; event films and also reference films that explain to your customer why they would be best looked after with you as their supplier/service provider. For me, it is important that you and your customers see me as a reputable business partner. That’s why when I (and my film crew) arrive at your and your customer’s location, we will always create a positive impression.

    Roland Michels